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Rasmussen: FireLine Burner Kit Only Match Lighted/Control Ready - Stainless Steel - Propane 30in

Rasmussen FLB FireLine Fireplace Burner Kit for Fire Glass provides a premium stainless steel burner kit for your favorite vented fire feature. Rasmussen’s heavy duty stainless steel construction and design ensures a durable component that is sure to deliver a realistic flame. The “FLB” burner kit features an L-shaped burner pan that provides a “Line of Fire” appearance, blocks to place behind your burner that will help form your media bed (media not included), a flexible stainless steel connector kit, damper clamp and instructions. The kit comes natural gas or propane ready depending on your fireplace requirements. With 4 different sizes available, this Hearth kit gives you options you can use to fill your fireplace enclosure with an ultra-realistic flame.

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