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Jotul: F 445 Holliday

Redefining warmth and elegance in your home, the Jøtul F 445 combines the best aspects of a typical non-catalytic wood stove with groundbreaking Jøtul High Flow™ Combustor technology to create a clean-burning wood stove that operates without the need for a bypass. The F 445 offers an unparalleled view of dancing flames, featuring a sleek exterior and a spacious firebox, inviting you to relax and unwind in its comforting glow.

• Biomass tax credit approved up to $2000
• Jøtul Fusion™ technology creates a clean burning woodstove that operates without the need for a bypass
• Closer clearances to combustibles than “Hybrids” because there is no open bypass mode
• Maximum HHV efficiency: 77.7%

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