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Dimplex: IgniteXL® Bold 50-inch Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace

The IgniteXL® Bold Built-In 50-inch Linear Electric Fireplace is designed to impress, with versatile and industry-exclusive display options such as front-facing, right or left corner, and bay installations. This contemporary built-in fireplace features a distinctive mirror effect that adds depth, as well as advanced controls that allow for maximum personalization and pleasure. Make a dramatic statement by connecting many units together.

•Multi-Fire XD™ Flame Effect – Vivid flames that are brighter and more lifelike day or night.
•Modern Media Bed – A stylish multi-media bed includes small and large acrylic crystals with natural looking driftwood.
•Comfort$aver™ Heating System – Concealed heater with safe, ceramic heat, plus 11% energy savings, warms up to 1,000 sq. ft.
•Air Circulation Mode – A smart feature that moves room air to keep it fresher.
•Eco/Heat Boost – Eco reduces the wattage range to maintain a comfortable heat setting, while boost quickly warms a room using maximum heat output for up to 20 minutes.
•Heat Management – Enjoy the ambiance of a fire during the warmer months by deactivating the heater via the controls or hard disconnect the heater during installation when heat is not required.
•Media Accent Color/Top Light – Customize the fireplace interior by adjusting the media bed and top light – select from a range of preset colors or scroll through Prism mode and freeze on your favorite look.
•Ambient Light Sensor – Automatically adjust firebox light to suit the room day to night.
•Smart Self-Diagnostics – Integrated smart technology that works behind the scenes to enhance the performance of your fireplace by providing maintenance and operation feedback.
•Edgeless Design – Installs without trim to stone, brick and other solid finish materials; includes trim for drywall and tile surfaces.
•Hidden Touch Controls – Settings and temperature display are hidden when not in use.
•Built-In Timer – Set timer to automatically shut off the fireplace after a preset time, up to 8 hrs.
•Seamless Installation – Low-profile design fully recesses in 2″ x 6″ wall construction and 2″ x 4″ with optional trim. Hardwire using 120V or 240V for powerful heating.
•Mood-maker Remote – Customize the light color and intensity for a fireplace that reflects your personality.
•Cool-touch Glass – Glass remains cool making it safe for children and pets in any location.

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