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If you are looking for a beautiful wood burning fireplace, look no further than Yankee Doodle Inc., Stove & Fireplace Center. We serve customers from towns like Ridgefield, South Salem NY, Easton, Norwalk, Weston, New Fairfield, Danbury, Stamford, Waccubuc NY, and many other towns throughout Fairfield, Westchester, and Litchfield County.

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling or looking for an addition to complete a room, a wood fireplace is a choice that you won’t regret. The gentle roar and calming aroma of a wood burning fireplace has a timeless appeal that brings together friends and family. Today, wood burning fireplaces come in sleek, modern designs as well as traditional styles. Improvements in technology have increased the efficiency of wood fireplaces so that some have as high of an efficiency rating as contemporary gas fireplaces. We carry EPA approved fireplaces in a variety of styles at Yankee Doodle, Inc. Stove & Fireplace Center so that you can find the perfect fireplace to be a focal point for any room in your house.

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FPX 44 Elite Wood Fireplace


Wood fireplaces that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) meet or exceed clean air standards. Their innovative design burns up the harmful byproducts produced by the fire so that they are clean burning. Since wood is a renewable resource that is carbon neutral (meaning it won’t increase your carbon footprint), you can reduce your environment impact and decrease your heating bills by adding a wood fireplace to your home.

Improved Efficiency

The same innovation that reduces the environmental impact of wood burning fireplaces also increases their efficiency. Our EPA approved fireplaces burn longer and hotter than traditional fireplaces. While traditional wood burning fireplaces lose a significant amount of heat up the chimney—along with harmful gases and byproducts—clean burning fireplaces can have up to 80% efficiency. Some of our models are as effective as a furnace! With a high efficiency wood fireplace you won’t have to add extra logs to the fire as frequently or chop up as much wood. To learn more about the benefits of a high efficiency wood burning fireplace, talk to one of our helpful staff members.

Customizable Designs

Each model that we offer comes in a variety of styles to suit your taste. Whether you prefer rustic or modern, cast iron or stone, we can help you to customize the look of your fireplace to complement your décor. Our selection of wood fireplaces illustrates that you do not have to compromise style for functionality.

Drop by our showroom in Wilton, Connecticut to see our selection of wood burning fireplaces for yourself. We can talk you through the installation process or set up an installation appointment for you with a professional. If you need help choosing the right model, we would be happy to visit your home to make a recommendation. We serve Fairfield County, Litchfield County, Western New Haven County in Connecticut along with Westchester County in New York.

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