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Solas: Wall Mount TWENTY6 DV Gas Fireplace

With its unique fireplace design, the SÓLAS TWENTY6 Wall-Mount is a revolutionary, direct-vent gas fireplace. Engineered with a focus on ease of installation, the TWENTY6 requires no special framing. The TWENTY6 can be quickly mounted to an existing wall with its simple mounting bracket. Hang the unit on an outside wall, and direct vent for a simple, effortless installation. On an inside wall, the fireplace can be installed with venting runs of up to 20′ (6.10m) vertical and 10′ (3.05m) horizontal, allowing for a wide range of installation options throughout your home.

The SÓLAS TWENTY6 is a 38¾” (984mm) wide, 19,000 BTU “landscape” format unit designed for larger room settings. The SÓLAS TWENTY6 Wall-Mount is compatible with our Self-Calibrating Power Vent System for additional installation flexibility.

This contemporary model is heater-rated and offers a spectacular flame picture that is enhanced by the reflective porcelain enamel firebox liners. The SÓLAS TWENTY6 offers six surround finishes and media options. Surrounds can be changed in a matter of seconds without the use of tools. If you decide to change your room’s decor, the fireplace can be updated quickly to complement your room. The SÓLAS TWENTY6 has an optional Corner Mounting Kit available, allowing the fireplace to be mounted directly into a corner, saving space.

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