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Solas: ONE6 Freestanding Gas Stove

The SÓLAS ONE6 FS is a stylish freestanding, direct-vent gas stove. A timeless classic that easily fits both traditional and modern decor. The design of the ONE6 FS maximizes the fire view. Its flame picture is further enhanced with the high-quality reflective porcelain enamel firebox liners. Venting for the SÓLAS ONE6 FS can be set up for top, rear, or optional down venting, with the addition of the SÓLAS Self-Calibrating Power Vent Technology.

The SÓLAS ONE6 FS is a modern freestanding, direct-vent gas stove. It offers a classic, European styling that easily fits both traditional and modern decor. The clean lines of the ONE6 FS let the beauty of the flame speak for itself with the fire being enhanced by the reflective porcelain enamel firebox liner.

The SÓLAS ONE6 FS is engineered for a top, rear, or down venting when the optional SÓLAS Self-Calibrating Power Vent System is added. The SÓLAS One-Touch remote control is standard equipment. A push of a button turns the stove ON or OFF, controls the height of the flames, programs desired temperature, adds childproof safety features and extends the life of your batteries!

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