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Rasmussen: Mixed FireBalls Sets - Smooth Balls & Half-Balls - 20 pieces 20in

Rasmussen BALL20-A Mixed Smooth FireBalls for 20-Inch Linear Burner, 20-Piece Set provide a decorative heating alternative for your ideal fire feature. The contemporary, elegant fireballs feature high quality refractory ceramic construction to withstand high heat and ensure longevity while offering 8 different color options. The Mixed FireBalls are made for use with Rasmussen’s CS or CXF burner and can be part of your single or double-sided fireplace. The media spacing allows for a full fire look with flames that travel through and around the set. The transparent, non-uniform ceramic stain finish is hand-painted, environmentally friendly and ages beautifully without degrading in the fire. Add even more elegance to your home heating element with help from Rasmussen. NOTE: For more information on FireBall set sizes, see product images.

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