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Our customers come from Fairfield County and in New York Westchester County west of I-684 in towns like Weston, Westport, Norwalk, New Canaan, Easton, Bethel, Brookfield, Monroe, and Bedford NY to get quality electric fireplaces & electric fireplace inserts.

Not much beats warming up by a cozy fire on a cold winter day, but not everyone enjoys the work required to maintain a wood burning fire. Electric fireplaces & fireplace inserts let you enjoy the aesthetic appeal of a fire without the hassle & legwork that accompanies wood burning units. Modern electric fireplaces and electric fireplace inserts are a far cry from the models from decades past. Now, homeowners can enjoy beautiful, realistic flames and perfectly-molded log sets that add to the authenticity of the fireplace appearance or opt for modern linear displays that are amazingly captivating.

electric fireplaces in fairfield county ctFrom free-standing fireplace units that can be moved from room to room, to electric inserts that can be installed directly into the opening of your current wood burning fireplace, and even ultra-modern wall hung units that can accent a bedroom or den, customers can find the perfect electric fireplace to suit their heating needs & style. These units need electricity to operate, so the only installation requirement necessary is access to an electrical outlet. Electric fireplaces & inserts become a viable option when wood or gas is not possible or practical.

Hassle-Free Heating

These modern & functional heating appliances are great for spaces where a traditional fireplace cannot be installed due to safety codes or requirements. Plus, electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts require absolutely no maintenance or cleaning, so homeowners won’t have to worry about emptying ashes, chopping & storing logs, and scheduling annual chimney inspections. If you are looking for an ultra-convenient heating unit, electric fireplaces provide the warmth & appeal of a burning fireplace without the cleaning or maintenance requirements.

Realistic Fireplace Enjoyment

Modern, 3D flame technology gives the appearance of a real burning fire and the life-like log sets will easily fool your friends and family into thinking they are relaxing by a real wood burning fire. Not to mention, electric fireplaces and electric fireplace inserts can be enjoyed year-round since most units can operate with or without heat. From zone-heating your favorite room to adding instant ambiance to your favorite space, electric units are the perfect addition to any home.

Easy Installation

Whether you hardwire your new electric fireplace or simply plug it into a nearby electrical socket, installation is quick and painless. With the flip of a switch, your new unit will produce realistic, flickering flames and warmth in just seconds. Modern wall-mounted units can be installed at eye level to give a contemporary feel to urban abodes. Some electric fireplace models can even be installed into a custom-made wood cabinet.

Stop by our showroom to view a great selection of electric fireplaces and electric fireplace inserts. We only offer the very best brands, From traditional & classic to modern & contemporary, homeowners can find an electric fireplace that fits both their heating needs and their design style.

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