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Amantii: Symmetry Xtraslim Smart Electric 60-inch WiFi Enabled Fireplace

The NEW Symmetry Xtra Slim electric fireplace offers the perfect blend of style and
functionality to any room it’s placed in. Defined by it’s slender depth proportions and
streamlined integration into any contemporary domain, the Symmetry Xtra Slim is a both
a familiar emblem of welcome and conversation.
A elegant flame display dances across the back of the fireplace, creating movement that
is sure to catch your eye. The heat settings can be adjusted with a simple push of a
button. During the warmer months, you can set the flames to display without heat –
making it perfect to use all year long.

•Modern and sleek in design, this unit can be
mounted or recessed into any 2” x 4” wall
• Unsurpassed, realistic flames can be enjoyed
with or without the use of heat, allowing for
year round use
• Clean and Seamless in Design: this fireplace
features a full frame viewing area
• WiFi controls come standard
• Remote App- total control of your fireplace
from the convenience of your mobile device
• Operate this fireplace from the comfort of your
favorite spot with the included, full feature,
remote control
• 2 Heater settings Low 750W High 1500
•5118 BTU’s
• Media Kit includes: Clear glass diamonds, black
powder coated surround and a full feature
remote control
• 11 multi colors of up lighting that accent
from the tray
• Flame options include: yellow, orange, and red.
5 settings in each color, so you can cycle through
• 3 Speed motor sets the flame speed option
• Smart Heater Control – Auto mode feature allows
for the unit to operate under your ideal temperature
• Perfect for any commercial or residential space

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